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About Me


Hello from New Orleans!!

I love the About Me sections of people's websites, it just gives me a little more insight to who they are as people. I hope mine helps you to understand more about me and where I come from and why I do what I love to do.


When you hire me, you're not just hiring a photographer, you're hiring a professional photographer/friend (in a totally non-weird way). I really enjoy getting to know my clients before capturing their most awesome memories. I do all this through emails, texting or face to face meetings so we all feel like we're on the same page. No matter what your photography needs, I know how hard it can be to select that perfect photographer (believe me I've been there with my own wedding and newborn pictures!). That's why I encourage my clients to read reviews and testimonials not only on my website but also on


I'm one of those photographers who always had some kind of camera in hand since I was eleven years old. My cousin had a photography business of his own that made 26 years in business this year. He trained me to shoot as a second photographer using film for a few years. Then we moved into the digital age but I didn't get my first digital camera until 2008 on the day before our wedding when my husband gave me a Nikon d80 as a wedding gift. From there, my business was established when I shot my first wedding on my own in New Orleans and I knew I was where I was supposed to be.


I love what I do. I love being there in your moments and details of your lives. I love being the one to take the photographs that are printed to canvas to hang on your walls, that ones that sit in your picture frames and the ones you show off to people you love.


If you look at your photos two days after your special day or event and you see things that you had forgotten about or didn't know occurred, or you just sit and think to yourself that you just had one of the best days of your life, then I have succeeded. If you look at them again in 10 or 30 years and are able to truly relive the day, then you made the right choice in hiring Brenna Larson Photography..


Thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully having the opportunity to work with you!